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14th November, 2013


I’m almost at the point of fulfilling my geek fantasy where I have as many screens as Hugh Jackman in Swordfish. It’s a huge milestone in my life, up there with getting a mortgage.

The extent of screens happened sort-of accidentally, as I found the two smaller screens in a box when I was moving. As my new study has space for them, and I have the cables – it just made sense to plug them in and bask in the panoramic radiation.

I then bought a 27″ apple screen as my 24″ wasn’t big enough for designing in retina, and it would be rude to throw away my old Samsung when I could slap a desk mount on it and have it towering above.

I’ve yet to find logical use for each screen, but i’m working on it. Also looking forward to seeing what Npower make of all this.

  • jamie

    this is an insane setup wicked work