• Jack Webdale

  • Skills and C.V


    Visual / UI design 10 out of 10
    Flash animation 10 out of 10
    Mobile app design 9 out of 10
    Motion design 8 out of 10
    UX & Interaction 7 out of 10
    Front-end dev 6 out of 10
    Back-end dev 2 out of 10


    Adobe Photoshop 10 out of 10
    Adobe Flash 9 out of 10
    Sketch 8 out of 10
    Adobe After effects 8 out of 10
    Adobe Illustrator 8 out of 10
    Sony Vegas 6 out of 10
    Adobe InDesign 5 out of 10
    Axure 3 out of 10


    HTML5 5 out of 10
    CSS3 5 out of 10
    Actionscript 2 5 out of 10
    jQuerey 4 out of 10
    Actionscript 3 3 out of 10
    PHP 2 out of 10

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  • This Website

    Making this site stands as a major milestone. It's purpose was to force me knee deep into front-end development, something i'd wanted to do for ages. It succeeded, and despite instantly sinking up to my neck, I feel I came out the otherside relatively unharmed.

    Countless Disney films were required to get me this far, it's been emotional. Since this project turned out to be such a beast, I decided to do a 'Making Of' post which i'll add snippets to over time. I'll probably be looking to make some tutorials of the more interesting bits, but for now check it out.

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