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17th April, 2012

Ski/Boarding movie 2011

I finally got round to making this – it was an awesome trip and it deserved to be moviefied. Editing started with 4+ hours of raw footage, a lot of which was just useless snow or sky or at random times when we forgot to turn it off – a lesson for the future, as going through all of it was a chore. Well worth the outcome though, but I’ve since developed a twitch whenever I hear Barbara Streisand.

Thanks to Emily / Tom / Rayner for organising this one, The bird is the word!

The Group:

  • Tom Rayner
  • Emily Cridland
  • Tom Cridland
  • Jack Webdale
  • Alastair Dean
  • James Rowlinson
  • Rob Fowler
  • Neil Smith
  • Naomi Owen
  • James Gozney

Music: Pretty Lights – Finally Moving / Duck Sauce – Barbra Streisand

Stuff: [RSMB post] [MeGui Extra HQ 10,000kbps]