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12th January, 2012

Megui x264: BF3 footage

I was testing some compression settings and a draft branding spot. Maybe useful in the future for any screen recordings.

The footage is of Battlefield 3 taken of a random game preliminary to test fraps/x264 setup, although it turned out to be an interesting one. Quite a bit of AA and lock ons, using the terrain to avoid misiles on flare cooldown. Also features an Emergancy landing and repair which is always a favorite of mine. I find Operation Firestorm the best map for jets due to the terrain and open spaces. Luckily for me no decent pilots on the RU side.

Compression info:
x264 insane
2 pass
720p 60fps

Edited in Vegas 10 Pro / After Effects CS5


MeGUI Best Encoding x264