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25th August, 2012

Business cards

After watching American Psycho a few months ago, I was inspired to get a set of my own. I got in touch with David Ward after finding some of his examples of letterpress & de-bossing on a forum. A few weeks later, this was the result.

I wanted the cards to make an impression. Typically they would only be given out after a work chat in a bar, so cost per card wasn’t an issue. I decided to have three de-bossed versions for the front side: Blind, Clear foil and Silver foil. The reverse had simple lettering using matt silver foil de-boss, and looks very crisp in all lights. 700gsm Ebony Colorplan card was used – which is super thick. The result (I hope) is an impressive card that feels premium, sharp and un-yielding (They are so thick you can’t bend them!).

When briefing David, I said imagine he were to make Chris Nolan’s Batman’s business cards. In either film, Christian would be happy, as am I.